An R package for α- and β-diversity mapping using remotely-sensed images

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1 Install

The package remotes first needs to be installed from the CRAN


Then some packages which were removed from the CRAN may need to be installed directly from authors’ repository. This is the case for dissUtils:


After installing remotesand dissUtils, biodivMapR should be ready for installation with the following command line in your R session:


2 Tutorial

A tutorial vignette is available here.

The corresponding script is available in file examples/tutorial.R.

3 Citation

If you use biodivMapR, please cite the following references:

Féret, J.-B., de Boissieu, F., 2019. biodivMapR: an R package for α‐ and β‐diversity mapping using remotely‐sensed images. Methods Ecol. Evol. 00:1-7.

Féret, J.-B., Asner, G.P., 2014. Mapping tropical forest canopy diversity using high-fidelity imaging spectroscopy. Ecol. Appl. 24, 1289–1296.

4 Acknowledgments / Fundings

This research was supported by the Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR, France) through the young researchers project BioCop (ANR-17-CE32-0001)