An R package for α- and β-diversity mapping using remotely-sensed images

1 Install

After installing package remotes, package biodivMapR can be installed with the following command line in R session:


2 Tutorial

A tutorial vignette is available here.

The corresponding script is available in file examples/tutorial.R.

3 Citation

If you use biodivMapR, please cite the following references:

Féret, J.-B., de Boissieu, F., 2019. biodivMapR: an R package for α‐ and β‐diversity mapping using remotely‐sensed images. Methods Ecol. Evol. 00:1-7.

Féret, J.-B., Asner, G.P., 2014. Mapping tropical forest canopy diversity using high-fidelity imaging spectroscopy. Ecol. Appl. 24, 1289–1296.